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yes please

I am Jaz’s woman of his dreams

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I got to board/direct my first short at ADHD
Heather Ann Cambell wrote this bad boy!

hope you guys like it!

Meep Meep
This was fun <3

Wonderful short! I laughed heartily

great job Luz!

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"Da" by belablag

This guy is calling him a bucking Nazi! Help support Brony Guardian and teach that guy that he bucked with the wrong stallion.

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"hey yo dan, ever thought of drawing yourself in bioshock or somethin?" by nexus-mod-world


The game is great but it wont inspire me to draw myself as  a big daddy

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Yeah, the setting seems cool but I feel like it’s going to be another Amnesia. Maybe I’m just stuck on resident evils survival horror style, dunno

Yeah I just seen the trailer again and it was far from the way i remembered it, but as soon as I saw at the first seconds that it was provided by the creators of amensia, I started doubting about the game.

But yeah, it still leaves me with many questions, like why is his brain connected to some huge system, and whats that means, and what would happen? 

But yeah, I will probably just look forward the Evil Within.

I noticed  Daylight was released pretty long time ago and I didnt know it, but I was looking for shamful downloads, and people just kept abusing the game, so idk.

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Is the game by chance called SOMA?


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You made me really curious about it, fuck I’ll have to search for it on the internet

Just a note, I seen the teaser long time ago, all I remember that it was a little bit more scifi than the others games in the market, and theres a machine in the last part of the tear where it grabs your arms or something and do freaky shit to you, idk

I think 4chan would figure it out, if you find it, let me know about it!

"I like Bioshock. Not because of the genetic powers and combat zippity zap and stuff. I just love the setting." by dittoprize

bioshock is p awesome 

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